What Vitamins Help with Hair Growth

Everyone wants glossy, thick, and healthy hair, but some people struggle to get it. Genetics, lifestyle, hair care, and current state of health all influence hair growth. While you can’t do much about genetics, you can change other contributing factors to get the desired results. At Hair 2.0, we encourage people to consider their nutrition intake carefully. Some vitamin deficiencies can cause hair thinning and loss. Here’s a look at some vitamins that can help:


  1. Vitamin A


Vitamin A is essential for growth, and all cells in your body need it, ( including the cells in the hair follicle.) If you have a balanced diet and get the required amount of vitamin A, you will have good hair growth. Vitamin A also helps in the production of sebum, which keeps the scalp moisturized. A healthy scalp leads to better hair growth, as well.


Vitamin A is found in food items like kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, milk, eggs, and cod liver oil. Make sure you only consume the required daily amount of vitamin A because excessive amounts can also lead to hair loss.


  1. Vitamin B


The B vitamins are well-known for their hair growth properties. Biotin, in particular, is commonly used in hair supplements. People with biotin deficiency often experience hair loss, and supplements can help with that. However, there's little evidence that supplements promote hair growth in healthy individuals.


B vitamins are vital for the production of red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body, including the scalp, and that helps promote hair growth. B vitamins are often present in whole grains, meat, fish, almonds, dark leafy greens, and seafood. B12 is found in animal-based products, so people with vegan or vegetarian diets should consider getting supplements.


  1. Vitamin C

 Hair 2.0

Vitamin C offers two primary benefits; it protects the cells from damage caused by free radicals, and it helps in the production of collagen, which can improve hair structure. Free radicals can impact the health and growth rate of your hair. If you have vitamin C deficiency, your hair will look dull and damaged.


Fortunately, there are abundant sources of vitamin C in everyday diet. Peppers, strawberries, citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, limes, etc., and guavas have a lot of vitamin C. You will see a lot of improvement in overall hair texture if you incorporate these items in everyday diet.


  1. Vitamin D


Vitamin D deficiency is closely linked to alopecia or hair loss. Low levels can lead to excessive loss and also affect the appearance of your hair. Most people don't get enough vitamin D through their diet or through sun exposure, which is why deficiency is very common. It is a good idea to take supplements even if you don’t need them to prevent hair loss.


Vitamin D plays a role in hair production and also helps create new follicles. New hair follicles can improve the volume and thickness of your hair. While there’s very little research linking hair growth to vitamin D in healthy individuals, it can help people who consume less than their required daily intake.


  1. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is similar to vitamin C, as it prevents oxidative stress. There is a definitive link between this nutrient and hair growth. Research conducted by the School of Pharmaceutical Science in Malaysia found that people who consumed vitamin E supplements consistently for eight months experienced around 34% increase in hair growth.


You can find this nutrient in almonds, spinach, sunflower seeds, and avocados. Just hitting your required daily intake is enough to promote hair growth.


Just taking vitamin supplements isn't enough. Your body doesn't absorb some vitamins if you don't have proper levels of other nutrients like iron, zinc, and protein. Zinc plays a vital role in hair growth and repair, while iron deficiency is one of the primary causes of hair loss in women. Make sure you meet the RDIs of all essential nutrients to get healthy hair growth. 


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