What is Hair Toner and How Does it Work

What is Hair Toner And How Does it Work?


Coloring your hair is a significant change, especially if you're going from brunette to blonde. It can transform your features and work wonders for your skin tone. But maintaining lightened hair requires a lot of work and several specific products. One such product is a hair toner. At Hair 2.0, we encourage clients to understand how coloring works and how hair reacts to different chemicals. In this article, we’re exploring a hair toner.


What is a Toner?

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Hair toners are a category of products that act as top-coats to your hair. Different toners perform different functions, which is why you need to choose one carefully. Some toners add shine and gloss to dull looking hair. Some are designed specifically to counteract orange tones in bleached hair to give it a more neutral appearance. You can find demi-permanent colors, tinted shampoos, glosses, and other such products in this category.


What Does a Toner Do?


A toner deposits color onto hair, and this color is usually on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, if your hair has a lot of brassy, orange tones, this product will add a purple or bluish tint on the strands. Purple or blue will cancel out the brassy orange, leaving behind a natural-looking blonde.


Toner can make your hair look lighter, but it is essential to remember that it doesn't lighten your hair.


How is Toner Different from Bleach?


Bleach is a chemical that penetrates your hair strands and dissolves its natural pigment. The strands lighten by one or two shades with each application of bleach-based on the developer volume. Most brunettes need several applications of the solution to achieve the desired blonde color.


Bleach removes color while toner deposits color. It coats the hair strand instead of penetrating it. It doesn't influence the natural color of your hair. If some of the toning solutions penetrate the hair, it is probably because the hair is very porous after bleaching. 


Does Toner Work on Highlights?


Toners are designed to bring out the blonde tones in your hair and counteract orange. It works on everything from full color to fancy balayage. You can tone all the strands to give the hair an even, balanced appearance.


How Long Does a Toner Last?


A toner can last for 4 to 5 weeks, but it depends on your hair care regimen. Toners aren't permanent, and regular washing with a strong shampoo will strip the color within a week or two. If you use a gentle shampoo/conditioner and wash once or twice a week, the toner will last for over a month.


Do Toners Harm Your Hair?


Toners come in several different combinations. Products with ammonia will cause damage to your hair, especially if you have recently bleached it. Bleach makes hair strands fragile and porous. An ammonia-based toner will strain it even further and even cause breakage. Look for milder, moisturizing toners that will add some hydration back to your hair.


How to Maintain Toned Hair


 All toners will fade away eventually, and you'll be left with brassy hair. The only way to maintain the appearance of your hair is to reapply or touch-up regularly. You can visit a salon for a touchup or do it at home. Here's a look at some options:


  • Toning shampoos or tinted shampoos are a great way to maintain the color. Apply once every one or two weeks based on how much the toner fades between washes.
  • Use gentle shampoos and conditioners. Harsh shampoos can strip the color while damaging your hair strands.
  • Add moisture back to the hair by using hair masks, moisturizers, conditioners, etc. Make sure your products aren’t too harsh or full of chemicals. Avoid ammonia or bleach at all costs.
  • Bleached hair is fragile as the strands are dry, frizzy, and vulnerable. Heat styling can cause further damage, even if you use heat protectant products. Keep your hair healthy by using heatless styling methods.


If you’re worried about thinning hair on your head, we at Hair 2.0 recommend our natural keratin fiber solution. Want to know more? Contact our customer care for queries or browse through our website for information on different products.