The Hottest Hair Colors Right Now

Changing our hair color is something we’ve been doing to change our appearance for years. There are many different hair colors that can compliment your look. Are you ready to try out some new color? Let’s see what some of the top trends are right now.

The color of your hair is a personal preference. Popular colors have also changed with time and fashion trends that tend to come and go. This article will discuss some of the popular colors preferred today.


Ombre refers to a design of colors that change from the root to the tip, gradually and elegantly. The trend usually followed to is select a color and it fades from dark to light or vice versa. There are plenty of variations to this style. One of them is having a darker color at the root and it gradually turns to a lighter shade of brown nearer the tips. Since this looks more natural, the popularity of this has also increased.


Marilyn Monroe was the poster girl for blonde hair look. In 1953, she appeared in the super hit movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and gave blonde a permanent place in history and in our appearances! Over the years, designers and experts experimented with brown and blonde, and came up with “bronde”. This offered the people a whole new palette! The best part of this is that the look can be chosen and changed to suit the eye color, the skin tone, and the overall appearance.


Just as with blonde, the brunette look was popularized by a celebrity. In this case, it was the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. The sales of brown shades have gone up significantly after the lady was seen sporting this style.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is naturally found in many children. The shade is a mix of white and blond and is now an upcoming fashion trend. Miley Cyrus is one celebrity using this style as well as the forever blonde Gwen Stefani. One thing you should note with this color is that it is high maintenance in nature.

The above-mentioned shades deal with straightforward and more popular colors. However, there are other hot shades available for hair color which add to the style and elegance of the one who has used it.

Ultra Violet and Rose Gold

Ultra Violet was declared the Pantone Color of the Year and can not only be seen in hair color shades but also in lipsticks and highlighters. If you are not looking to entirely change the color, you can consider choosing a highlight of the same color. Rose Gold or pink tinted blond was a creation so successful that they were sold out as soon as they were put out on the shelves. Gray or charcoal colored hair is a timeless creation and suits people of most age groups perfectly.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is the perfect look for summer and is guaranteed to be one of the hottest around! If you are adventurous, you can consider adding a bright color only on your roots. For lighter shades of hair like blondes, the tips can be left unbleached to achieve the same look. Wine or Maroon color is just the perfect shade that speaks of elegance and hotness! Last but not the least, chocolate brown hair color is a shade that nothing can come close to. The rich color is perfect for almost every skin tone.

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