How to Even Out a Patchy Beard with Hair Fibers

A patchy beard can be an eye sore, and it can make you feel as though the whole world is looking at you. In fact, when your beard is patchy you may even avoid situations that put you at the center of attention because you feel like everyone is staring at you. The thing to know is that you are not alone.

Anytime a man is dealing with hair loss or patchy hair, he can lose the confidence that he has in himself. And this can lead to cutting out friends and family due to embarrassment or simply feeling as though you don’t want to be around others. Hair loss and patchy hair in a beard has been connected to depression and other issues. So, what can you do? There is a way that you can even out the patchy beard that you are dealing with…and the answer is doing this with hair fibers.

The ins and Outs of Hair Fibers

When most men start growing a beard, they know that the patchy look they often have at first will eventually fill out. However, for some men, that patchy beard never stops…in fact, it may get worse as they age. This is where hair fibers will help.

What are hair fibers? For those who have ever looked at hair loss treatments, hair fibers are one of the leading ways in which people can get the full head of hair, or in this case, a full beard, without having to undergo surgery and other costly procedures. The best news is that you can do this on your own, in the comfort of your own bathroom without having to go to a professional and no one is the wiser that you are using these products.

How Hair Fibers are Applied

Since this is not a surgical procedure, you can rest assured knowing that the application process is fairly easy. You simply style your beard as you normally would. Then shake the hair fibers onto the desired areas, most products are going to come with a nozzle to make application much easier. You then pat the hair fibers down to bind them to the beard, blend these in by simply brushing your beard and there you go, your beard is no longer patchy and looks visibly fuller!

Are Hair Fibers Safe?

One of the biggest concerns of those who are using hair fibers for their beards is if this is safe. After all, you are applying a product on your face, which is sensitive anyways, and is near your mouth, which could mean it is easily ingested. The good news is that these are completely safe.

The ingredients in most hair fibers consist of items like cellulose, cellulose gum, hydrolyzed corn protein, dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid, and ammonium bicarbonate. This is the exact ingredients list for Hair2Point0 products that have been shown to have great success for those who have patchy beards! These products are not harmful, and those who are using them are going to find that they do get results with no side effects, even on the sensitive skin of the face.

How to Make Hair Fibers Work for You

Hair fibers are going to come in a variety of colors. The key is to find the color that best matches your beard. Don’t go by your hair color, as some men find that their beards are darker or lighter than their actual hair color. Here are a few other tips that are going to help you to make these hair fibers look great on your patchy beard:

  1. Be sure to moisturize! Your beard needs to be moisturized just like other hairs on your body
  2. Be sure to keep the beard trimmed in the right places to make this look cleaner cut

The good news is that you are not going to have to avoid any type of activity as these hair fibers are going to stick to your beard until they are washed out. You can go to the gym, walk in the wind or rain and not have a problem. The only difference you are going to see is that your beard is now full and looks healthy.