Hair 2.0 Hair Fbers

Hair Thickening Fibers 12.5g

  • Works on any hair type
  • Sweat resistant
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Compatible with all hair loss treatments
  • Made of natural keratin


Cellulose, cellulose gum, hydrolyzed corn protein, dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid, ammonium bicarbonate.

Use with Any Other Hair Growth or Loss Treatments – Including Hair Transplant Surgery

Perfectly suitable for covering any scars or initial thinning after hair transplant surgery and will not interfere with your healing process. Also safe to use with hair loss creams, foams and supplements – just apply after your treatment has dried for best results. The natural keratin fibers are finely processed to be as light as possible and won’t weigh down any new hair growth.

Benefits of Hair 2.0 Hair Fibers


Immediate Coverage

Get immediate coverage and build volume on any thinning hair


Lasts 24-Hours

Hair fibers bind to your hair naturally and stay in place all day


100% Keratin

Made from the same protein as your own hair and won’t cause damage


Weather Resistant

Stays on in all weather, including rain and wind


Safe to Use

Safe for all hair types and compatible with age-related hair loss, alopecia and hair transplants


Easy Application

Quick to use in your daily routine and washes out with shampoo easily

Easy Application

Style dry hair normally

Shake Hair 2.0 Hair Fibers directly on to desired areas. Use our separate Applicator for best results.

Pat hair fibers down to bind them to your hairstyle

Style or brush hair if needed for optimal blending

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