Hair 2.0 - Dark Brown
Hair 2.0 - Dark Brown

Hair 2.0 - Dark Brown

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  • Works on any hair type
  • Sweat proof
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Compatible with all hair loss treatments
  • Made of natural keratin

Long Lasting in any Weather

Don’t be afraid to get caught in the rain – our fibers hold no matter what the weather. We’ve specifically formulated Hair 2.0 fibers to be water and wind resistant, so if you get caught in less-than-perfect weather, your fibers will stay in place and keep giving you your best look. Hair 2.0 is also sweat resistant and can be worn in the gym with confidence.

Use with Any Other Hair Growth or Loss Treatments – Including Hair Transplant Surgery

Perfectly suitable for covering any scars or initial thinning after hair transplant surgery and will not interfere with your healing process. Also safe to use with hair loss creams, foams and supplements – just apply after your treatment has dried for best results. The natural keratin fibers are finely processed to be as light as possible and won’t weigh down any new hair growth.