One night years ago Dave was getting ready to take his wife out for their weekly date night. He was suited up, clean shaven - and while he looked great, he couldn’t help but notice how his hair was thinning and had changed. He wanted to look and feel the way he felt before his hair began to lose its thickness and sheen. In trying to regain his confidence and hoping for the best, he went out and bought some hair fibers from his local drugstore.

Dave soon realized that this wasn’t going to solve his problem. The fibers shed onto his clothes and they didn’t last all day - something he was hoping for so he could take his new look to work with him worry free. He also didn’t like the drug store grade fibers appearance as they didn’t blend well with his hair. He also wished it looked more natural.

That’s when he reached out to Mike, his longtime friend, and business partner. Mike had been in the hair industry for years, working on building products for several international hair brands. When Mike heard that Dave was looking for some help, they got to work. After a year of testing, Hair 2.0 was born.

Together, we built a product that makes men and women look their best, anywhere. That’s why our formula is water resistant and stays in place for up to 24-hours. It’s made of the highest quality keratin, the same building blocks of natural hair, so you can blend our fibers seamlessly into your day. We know that looking your best means performing your best - in the boardroom and beyond - and are so proud to be able to share this with other professionals who want to keep looking sharp.