Hair 2.0 - Spray Applicator

Hair 2.0 - Spray Applicator


What It Is

Our Spray Applicator allows you to accurately apply Hair 2.0 building fibers to any place on the head. With hair that is very thin and especially with a thinning hairline, it is usually difficult to have a natural hair thickening.

Not in this case, Hair 2.0 Spray Applicator makes the process of hair thickening much easier. The applicator is also great for thickening hair on the sides as well as the back of the head

Easily Apply Hair 2.0 Hair Fibers

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How to Install Hair Applicator

Twist Cap & pull off Sifter.

Screw Applicator onto Bottle.

Press pump to dispense Fibers.

Use with Hairline Optimizer for a natural looking hairline.