Versatility of Hair Fibers – Covering Up the Roots

Millions of people use hair fibers to disguise thinning hair and spots. Some have even incorporated this product into their daily routine because it is so quick and easy to use. At Hair 2.0, we make sure our clients understand the full potential of this product and find different uses for it. One of our customers recently discovered a new and interesting way to use hair fibers even if you don't have thinning hair.

Covering Up The Roots

Hair grows at a steady pace every day and old strands are replaced as part of the growth cycle. While this is a natural process, it can also be challenging for people with color-treated hair. Color only affects the existing length of hair so any new growth is the color of your natural hair. As your hair grows, natural color emerges near the scalp known as the “roots”. This is especially apparent if your hair is black/brown and you've colored it blonde or if it is blonde and you've colored it black.

Hair 2.0 fibers can be used to disguise these roots effectively and naturally without the need for coloring it again. One of our customers used blonde fibers to disguise her natural dark roots in an emergency and discovered a whole new way to utilize this product.

How to Use Them

Using hair fibers on your roots is very easy, especially if you have experience with the application. Once you know what to do, it barely takes 5 minutes and gives good results. Here's a look at the application process:

  • Section off your hair to expose the visible roots.
  • Dust the fibers over the area evenly and pat them in place.
  • Once you have covered the areas enough, comb through the hair to ensure there's an even spread and all excess is removed.
  • Style the hair as you desire.

The fibers have a static charge, which allows them to adhere to the natural hair strands easily. They blend into the hair so no one notices the fibers, even if they're standing close to you.

What are the Benefits of Using Hair Fibers?

Using hair fibers has a number of great benefits that make the investment worthwhile. Good-quality fibers made from carefully chosen materials are reliable and can be used over a long term. Here are some of the most important advantages of Hair 2.0:

  • Long-Lasting – If applied correctly, this solution stays in place for 24 hours or until you wash it off. This means you won't have to deal with the fibers fading over time.
  • Wind and Rain is No Problem – The product is designed to handle wind and rain well. You can also have an intense workout session in the gym and not worry about sweat removing the fibers. Hair 2.0 is designed to stay put.
  • Easy Application – Easy application ensures you can just put the solution in the hair and start your day without too much delay. Other alternatives like retouching the roots can take a long time.
  • Easy to Remove – A regular shampoo will easily remove the fibers from your hair. You can also use a clarifying shampoo to get the best results. As clarifying shampoos can be harsh on your hair, it is important to ensure you don't use it too often.
  • Saves Money – This is the best and biggest advantage of using hair fibers to conceal roots. Getting your hair done at the salon is an expensive, time-consuming process. With hair fibers, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by just delaying the visit. You can have the desired style and look without dealing with expensive maintenance too often.

Hair 2.0 is available in different colors so you can find a match for your hair and ensure the fibers blend in well.

A Safe Solution

Hair 2.0 is made from natural keratin fibers and doesn't have any harmful chemicals in it. Unlike bleach, color, and other such cosmetic hair treatments, the solution doesn't cause extensive damage to the hair or cause breakage. The fibers will add volume to your hair, disguise the roots, and help save some money. With so many advantages, there's no reason why you can't use this versatile product to maintain your current hairstyle and appearance.

If you're worried about thinning hair on your head, we at Hair 2.0 recommend our natural keratin fiber solution. Want to know more? Contact our customer care for queries or browse through our website for information on different products.