The Best Foods for Healthy Hair

Everyone wishes they had shiny, long and strong hair. Yet there are a number of people that aren’t able to achieve this. People are aware that they need to maintain a healthy scalp for healthy hair. However, what most don’t know is that it’s essential to have a good diet as well.

Each person has different hair quality; some may have curly or frizzy while others might have silky & smooth hair. While genetics has a role to play in hair quality, your diet has an important role to play in the quality and health of your hair too.

Each strand of hair contains the protein keratin that constantly needs to be replenished. In addition, hair also requires vitamins and minerals for it to grow strong and long. Here is a list of all the best foods that will help keep your hair strong and healthy:

1. Egg White Contains Protein

Our hair contains a significant amount of protein and this makes it important to consume protein-rich items such as eggs. They are considered to be one of the highest natural sources of protein, which is the foundation for proper hair growth.

2. Leafy Veggies like Spinach

Spinach and other dark leafy green vegetables are a great source of iron. They also include the minerals required for repairing hair cells. If our iron intake isn’t sufficient, nutrients and oxygen won’t be transferred to the hair roots. Lack of iron can also result in follicle loss, making your hair strands weak.

3. Citrus Fruits like Lemons

Iron absorption requires Vitamin C sources. Adding citrus fruits to your site is important. A number of nutritionists claim that even one lime a day provides you your daily requirement of Vitamin C. Oranges are another good source of Vitamin C. Capillaries carry nutrients to the hair shafts, strengthening them and making the hair lustrous. Vitamin C is required in the production of collagen, which helps build capillaries.

4. Seeds & Nuts Provide Omega- 3 Fatty Acids

Healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty help support hair thickening and provide proper nourishment as well, but our bodies cannot produce these acids. We need to derive them through our diet. Flaxseeds and nuts such as walnuts and almonds are packed with these fatty acids. They help nourish our hair and make a great mid-day snack too.

5. Whole Grains Provide Biotin

Whole grains are extremely rich in iron, Vitamin B, Zinc and Biotin. The latter plays a vital role in the production of protein (amino acids), which is essential for hair growth.

6. Carrots Are a Rich Source of Vitamin A

Drinking carrot juice every day is one of the best ways to boost hair growth. Human hair has very fast growing tissues and Vitamin A aids in hair cell growth. In addition, it also helps in the production of natural sebum in the scalp, boosting growth and keeping the roots healthy.

7. Avocado Provides Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for improving blood circulation. It promotes hair growth by improving the functioning of the hair follicles. It helps maintain PH and oil balance, which is required for proper hair growth. Avocado is a rich source of Vitamin E as well as monounsaturated fats. This delicious fruit can be blended into a smoothie or added to your breakfast.

Cumulative Effects

As you can see, all of these foods provide very specific nutrition to the body which helps encourage hair growth. However, it is important to understand that the positive effects of these foods will be evident only when you consume them with regularity. They have a cumulative effect, and when you incorporate them into your daily diet, it helps to give your body and hair the nourishment they need.

Relying on natural foods such as these has distinct benefits without any side effects. It’s also a good idea to incorporate a good exercise regimen into your daily routine. This will help improve blood circulation, which helps carry all these nutrients to your hair.

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