Hair 2.0 Grooming Guide

The best way to keep your hair in great shape is to take care of it every day. A good grooming routine with premium products makes more of a difference than people realize. Good quality products have special ingredients that support the hair and the scalp. That, coupled with a good grooming routine, can help your hair look good while remaining undamaged and healthy. At Hair 2.0, we always encourage customers to take good care of their hair. Here's a detailed grooming guide that can help:

1. Don't Over wash Your Hair

Washing strips your hair of its natural oils and can render the strands very brittle. The damage keeps piling up if your hair is washed every day. Don't over wash, even if there's product in the hair. Try washing once every three days to ensure the natural oils have time to soak in and nourish the strands before washing it again. This is one of the best ways to ensure your hair remains healthy and strong. Over washing can also lead to a dry, itchy, and irritated scalp.

Your washing schedule should depend on the type of hair you have. A dry scalp and hair need more natural oils so it's a good idea to wash them less frequently. Most people assume they need to wash oily hair regularly but once or twice a week is enough for it as well.

2. Always Use Conditioner

Conditioners put some of the stripped moisture back into the hair. It ensures your hair is less frizzy and more manageable after drying as well. Choose a natural conditioner that is designed specifically for your scalp and hair type. Natural conditioners contain fewer chemicals, which means they don't stress your hair out as much.

Hair masks are also a great way to add some much-needed oil and hydration back into your hair. Masking once a week or once in two weeks will help ensure your hair has good texture and remains healthy.

3. Handle Your Hair With Care

Excessive tugging, friction, and harsh chemicals can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Even letting it fly in strong winds can cause damage to the roots and break the strands. It's important to treat the hair with gentle care. Untangle knots carefully, don't put too much pressure on the scale during combing. Don't rub or tug at it to style it, just comb through the strains gently and pat them down into a desirable style.

Experts recommend investing in good quality silk pillow covers as they cause less friction and will help keep your hair healthy. Men with short hair often underestimate just how much damage they can cause on a daily basis. Careful grooming techniques can prevent damage and keep your hair healthy. It will also help with thinning hair.

4. Don't Comb Over

It's tempting to comb over a spot with thinning hair to disguise it. Unfortunately, doing so can cause damage to the roots of existing healthy hair that have been combed into submission in a different direction. Instead of combing over, cut your hair in a flattering style; that makes the thinning spot less obvious.

You can also use products like Hair 2.0 to add volume and texture to the spot. Hair 2.0 has natural keratin fibers that will cling to your hair easily without causing damage. The fibers will blend in smoothly to ensure the spot isn't obvious. As the solution is made from high-quality ingredients, you don't have to worry about adding unnecessary chemicals to your scalp. The solution will stay put for 24 hours and come off with a wash.

5. Use Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos will remove all kinds of product build-up and ensure your hair is clean and healthy. These shouldn't be used too often as they can damage the hair so once or twice a month is enough. If you're using products like Hair 2.0, a good clarifying shampoo will remove any residual traces or excess build-up.

Hair 2.0 will work much better on clean, healthy, and hydrated hair because the keratin will bond well with your natural hair strands. This also ensures you don't feel weighed down and your scalp doesn't become irritated.

Hair 2.0 is a specially formulated product made from natural keratin fibers. It binds with your hair, providing it with some much needed volume and texture. If you want to know more, contact our customer care for queries or browse through our website for information on different products.