Fall Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles and cuts change regularly as people experiment with different options. It can be boring to stick with one style over an extended period of time, which is why many people try new things. Hair is very resilient and it grows back so why hesitate. At Hair 2.0, we encourage people to try new cuts and styles. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles of 2018, especially for the autumn months:

1. Cut it Short

There's a reason why hair stylists often recommend cutting hair short. Thin hair is more fragile and can become damaged when it has to bear the weight created by length. The extra weight makes your hair lay flat and thin on top, which can be unflattering regardless of the shape and size of your face.

Experienced hairstylists recommend keeping your hair to shoulder length or upper back length. You'll be surprised by how healthy and bouncy the hair looks. This hairstyle is also ideal for windy autumns and winters. You can easily wear scarves or caps without long strands becoming caught up in the material.

2. Layers in Moderation

Layers can add a considerable amount of volume and bounce to thin, fine hair, but must be used in moderation. Excessive layers will only remove more hair and reduce volume. You'll be forced to curl or add mousse to the strands to give it volume. Use a few light layers add ensure there's enough hair left behind to add ample volume. Blunt edges on layers work better than feathered edges, ensuring the style looks current and fresh. Styles with too many layers and feathered edges are outdated now; they don't fit in with the modern aesthetic.

3. Deep Side Part

Center part can make the hair at the top of your head lay flat and limp, which isn't very flattering. A deep side part adds volume and layers, especially to the top part of your head. This style suits different face shapes and sizes easily, which is why it is very popular. Deep side part can be paired with choppy bobs, lobs, asymmetric bobs, and other such popular hairstyles 2018. A little hairspray or styling gel will keep the part in place.

4. The Messy Braid

Braids come in different styles and forms, which makes them very versatile. This option is very comfortable, easy to maintain, and ideal for windy autumn conditions. The best part is that you can wear your two-day or three-day hair in braids and no one will notice. Just tease the top part of the hair gently to add some volume before tying it in a simple braid.

You can pull the braid from both sides to loosen it a little and give it an illusion of thickness. Some experts use a good-quality texturizing spray or mousse to add volume, which can make the braid look thicker. There are several styles to experiment with like French, regular, fishtail, etc. You can also twist the braid into a messy bun for a semi-formal look.

5. Loose Waves

Nothing adds volume quite as easily as loose waves. You just need to curl hair in different directions before stretching out the curls while some heat is present in the strands. Loose, bouncy waves make your hair look healthy and thick. If you're wary of heat or if the hair gets damaged easily, we recommend tying hair in tight braids and leaving it for a few hours. When you take the braids out, the hair will be wavy and bouncy without any heat.

6. Easy Pony Tail

This is one of the easiest fall hairstyles 2018 and works well on thin, fine hair. You get a sleek, professional look without much effort. Comb your hair, add some texturizing mousse, or tease the top to give the hair some volume. You can then pull your hair back in a low or high ponytail based on your preference.

High ponytails have a tendency to slip down over the course of a day, which can make the style look sloppy. The best way to avoid this is to secure the tail in place with some bobby pins.

If you have thin or thinning hair and need to add some volume, try our product Hair 2.0. Our product rebuilds hair structure with the help of natural keratin fibers. The results are instantaneous so you have naturally full and bouncy hair immediately after application. You can contact our customer care for queries or browse through our website for information on different products.