Eyebrow Shaping Tips

While thick and bushy eyebrows are trendy these days, it's important to make sure there's some order to this chaos. Uncontrolled and poorly shaped brows are never flattering, which is why good shaping and grooming is necessary. Most people visit the nearby spa or beauty salon to shape their eyebrows, but many are uncomfortable in such environments. Fortunately, it is possible to shape and groom eyebrows at home; here are some tips that can help:

1. Understand What Kind of Eyebrows You Have

Eyebrows come in different shapes and sizes, which is one of the reasons why it is important to understand their overall shape before you go about grooming them. Here's a look at the different examples:

  • Patchy Eyebrows – These brows have inconsistent hair growth so some areas are sparse while other areas are dense. Most hair is concentrated on the inner portion of the brow while the tail is almost invisible.
  • Over Tweezed – These eyebrows are thin and sparse because they are tweezed heavily. They have a thin tail, curved head, and a sudden change in shape somewhere along the middle.
  • Thick Eyebrows – These have stray hair above the brow arch and some along the temples. It is important to shape such eyebrows well without taking away too much hair from them. Habitual over-plucking will take too much hair from them.
  • No Arch – Some eyebrows are relatively flat and don't have a developed arch. This is more common in men than in women. Some attempt to force their naturally flat brows into an arch, but that can cause considerable harm.
  • Round Brows – These brows have a pronounced arch and curve over the eyes prominently. Shaping them carelessly can sometimes make them look distracting and comical because the arch is so pronounced. Round brows require a lighter hand.

Once you understand the shape of your brows and where the undesirable hair is, it is easier to create a good shape without going overboard or messing it up.

2. Brows According to Face Shape

Brows that suit the shape of the face shape look flattering. Many people just mimic the most popular brow styles and assume they would look good on them as well. It is important to use your face shape as a guideline for eyebrow grooming. Here are some tips to help with that:

  • Oval Shape – Keep your brow full and thick without being bushy. That will create balance and give some dimension to the face.
  • Round Shape – Round faces are soft with fewer sharp angles. A structured brow with a defined arch will add some sharpness and angles to your face.
  • Square Face – A defined brow with a good arch will add some curves and roundness to a boxy face. Your features will also look narrower and more balanced.
  • Heart Shape Face – Brows sit on the widest part of the face if you have this facial structure. A soft, rounded arch will make it look less harsh and wide while still flattering the shape.
  • Long Face – A long face is lean and a thick, and a highly-arched brow will easily overwhelm it. A shorter, softer brow shape will make your face look a little broader and create some balance.

Everyone has their own preferences so you can experiment with different styles to determine which option flatters your face well.

3. The Shaping Process

Once you have determined the shape of your eyebrows and decided on a style based on your facial structure, it is time to pluck. Here are some tips on how to do that safely and without messing up:

  • Keep in mind that the front of your eyebrows should always match up with the location of your nostrils. This ensures you don't take too much away from the inner portions while plucking.
  • Fill the brow to the desired shape with a brow pencil before plucking. This ensures you have a clear guideline to follow and won't accidentally remove more hair.
  • Keep the mirror at a good distance. You should be able to see the bigger picture and still see the hair. Getting too close to the mirror will give you a narrow perspective, which will increase the chances of over-plucking.
  • Brush the hair up and trim everything that goes above the brow line.

These tips will help you create the perfect brow. If you have any sparse areas, fill them with brow pencil or pomade.

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