Box Braids for Men

Box Braids for Men

 Hair 2.0

Braids are some of the most flattering styles on both men and women. People have been wearing them for thousands of years without damaging their scalp. They can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you like; you can add extensions, ornaments, pins, etc. to decorate individual braids. As long as you choose the right style and an experienced professional, your hair will remain undamaged. At Hair 2.0, we always encourage men to experiment with hairstyles and box braids are a popular option. Here's an in-depth look at them:


What are Box Braids?


A box braid is a protective style that's especially suitable for thin, fine hair. The stylist sections your hair into box-like parts before braiding it. Box sections are gentler on the scalp because they cover a full surface area. The roots can support the weight of braids and extensions better, which reduces the risk of breakage or traction alopecia.


Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive pressure on the roots. The pressure causes pulling and breakage, which ultimately damages the follicle. Most people suffer from traction alopecia if they wear tight braids, buns, or ponytails regularly. Box braids don't exert as much pressure on the scalp and help your hair grow out healthily.


How Does the Stylist Create Box Braids?


The stylist will first prepare your hair by detangling it and adding some moisture. Braided hair can quickly dry out, especially at the tips, so you need to make sure it has enough moisture. After that, the stylist will:


  • Separate your hair into equal sections and make sure every section has a similar shape.
  • Comb through every section to remove lingering tangles before braiding the strands.
  • They will add extensions near the root and carefully incorporate them into every braid.
  • Stylists use cream or gel to make sure the braids are clean, and there are no flyaways.
  • They will work one section at a time until all of your hair is done.


Most professionals will apply some additional moisturizing gel or cream to the edges to ensure the roots don't become too dry.


Factors to Keep in Mind


Box braids are a protective style, but they need to be done correctly. If the stylist doesn't use the right technique, they'll damage your hair. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


  • Experienced and Skilled Stylist is Essential – Find a professional who has experience with thin and fine male hair. They're more careful and ensure you don't suffer any breakage.
  • Choose the Right Extensions – Extensions add length and volume to your hair, but they can also add weight. That's why it is crucial to make sure they’re lightweight and suitable for your hair texture. Don’t choose heavy and long strands if you want to avoid traction alopecia.
  • Deep Condition – Deep conditioning will ensure your strands have sufficient moisture and are strong enough for braiding. Condition regularly before the appointment with store-bought products or a simple concoction of coconut oil with moisturizing additives like honey.
  • Braid Size – The thicker the braid, the heavier it is. Choose small or mid-sized styles for the best results. These won’t place much pressure on the roots and reduce the chances of breakage.
  • Avoid Tight Braids – Tight hairstyles add a lot of tension to the scalp and roots. This doesn’t just damage your hair, but can also cause a lot of pain. It’s common for people to develop intense headaches before their braids are too tight. Make sure they are comfortable without being too loose.
  • Clever Placement – Experienced stylists know how to hide bald or thinning spots while installing braids. Ask them to choose the placement carefully and hide problematic areas.


You will also need to rebraid the edges once every 4-5 weeks to keep them healthy. This can be tedious, but it is an essential aspect of braid maintenance. Follow the stylist's advice on how to clean and maintain your hair to avoid damage.


If you’re worried about thinning hair on your head, we at Hair 2.0 recommend our natural keratin fiber solution. Want to know more? Contact our customer care for queries or browse through our website for information on different products.