Best Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair

Thin hair is a little more difficult to style than thick hair because some cuts or styles can look unflattering. You don’t want your hair to lie flat, limp, and look lifeless. You want to have some bounce, volume, and shine. Fortunately, it is possible to make thin hair work with the right cut. Experts recommend layered haircuts for thin hair because they add volume and bounce to it. At Hair 2.0, we believe the styles mentioned below are some of the most flattering:

1. Choppy Bob

This is a very popular haircut and many celebrities have worn it on the red carpets. It is modern, chic, and relatively easy to maintain, which is why experts recommend it for thin or delicate hair. The style includes a short chin to shoulder length bob with messy layers. An asymmetrical edge gives the cut a more modern, urban feel.

This style is very flattering and you can vary its length based on the shape of your face. A choppy bob doesn’t require much styling. You can add a few subtle waves to give it more volume or tease it gently for a messy look. The style works well with thin hair because the top isn’t weighed down by long hair.

2. Angled Bob

Some people think sleek and straight angled bobs aren’t for thin hair, but they work very well. Angled bob is a modern hairstyle that’s flattering on different kinds of faces. You can comb roughly and tease at the top to add from volume to the hair. Avoid a center part because that can make your hair look more flat and thin.

A deep side part will add sharp and modern layers to the hair, giving the illusion of volume. An angled bob is surprisingly versatile so you can style it in many different ways. You can add some curls and waves for a messy look, tease the top and let the rest remain straight to combine volume with sleekness.

3. Chopped and Layered Pixie

Many thin-haired individuals are terrified of the chopped pixie cut because they believe it would look make them look bald. Experts believe a pixie is one of the best-layered haircuts for thin hair. The shorter length hairs curls and adds volume close to the scalp so there’s no opportunity for the hair to look thin and fine. Many celebrities like Ruby Rose and Janelle Monáe rock pixie cuts with thin hair.

One of the biggest advantages of pixie cuts is that they’re easy to style and maintain. There’s no need to waste hours on washing, drying, and straightening or curling your hair. It just needs a few minutes to clean and style. You waste less product and see much better results. Pixie styles aren’t always flattering for everyone so it’s a good idea to take the shape of your face into consideration before choosing the style.

4. Lightly Layered Lob

This is considered one of the most flattering hairstyles today. It is suitable for all kinds of face shapes and hair types, which makes it very popular. Lobs are versatile and can be styled into different looks easily. You can create a bun, pin it up, braid it, or tie it in a ponytail and it will still look great.

Lobs should have light layers to ensure they don’t appear too thin at the bottom but still have volume at the top. Blunt edges are more flattering than feathered edges; the latter can make the hair look a little too messy. Make sure the lob isn’t too long because the weight of long hair can flatten the top.

5. Thick Bangs

A shaggy bangs layered hair cut with blunt ends is one of the most popular styles today and works wonderfully with thin hair. In fact, one might argue this style is more suitable for thin or fine hair than dense hair. The bangs add volume at the top and make the front look voluminous.

Thick bangs can also flatter different kinds of face shapes and sizes because it adds softness to the features. The bangs can be sleek, messy, or curled into beach waves for the best effect. Unfortunately, this hair cut is a little difficult to maintain, especially if your hair tends to grow quickly. You might need to cut the bangs frequently to maintain the length.

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